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Originally Posted by braappn View Post
FWIW, the stand alone ability of this light is one of the main selling points for me.

I personally refuse to buy a piece of hardware that requires internet connectivity or a smart phone to function.

Thanks for supporting your product here Logan!
Originally Posted by Ron Reefman View Post
I agree completely! I have 2 other fixtures that require using wifi and I hate them. They are a PITA to use.

Except that this light requires a proprietary remote, which works fine, but I can't imagine it working any better than an APP on a smart phone, which would probably actually work better as it would be faster.. It already uses WIFI so it's not like it's reinventing the wheel. Doesn't mean it shouldn't come with the remote, but would be great if it also had a Smart Phone App. No need for Internet Connectivity.

I was super impressed when I opened the box and saw the remote, I was like WOAH, super fancy remote! Until I started using it and the feel and function said "Chinese Cheap" all over it.. But it functions, and it does the job. So I guess no need to over build it. Though I would MUCH prefer an onboard control, like the V1.


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