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Going to start testing myself one brand at a time. Like one a month. Probably starting soonish. Anyone else like to add their results please feel free to post here or PM me.

And I guess I could link here to the test kit reviews I've done and recommend.
API and Salifert Calcium and Alkalinity tests kits

A Nitrate Test kit shootout between NYOS, Salifert, RedSea Pro, and API

A PO4 test kit shootout between Nyos, Elos Pro, Salifert, Hanna Checkers x2, and Seachem.

Me vs. Triton

All the Above along with AWT vs. Triton which also includes another follow up Triton test

The final Big 3 Shootout Alk, Ca, Mg: RedSea, Nyos, Elos, Salifert, API, Hanna, Triton, AWT

to get started:

rebuild and recovery log:
No more red house, you'll have to click on my name and visit my homepage!

You can check out my parameters at reeftronics dot net website and look for my username.

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