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Replacing the piping and running a pipe cleaner down it are not options. The piping is in a ceiling of the basement, total length of about 80 feet and has too many bends. It would take me two full weekends to replace it all.

As said the reason I want to do this is because every time my closed loop turns on, I get a snow globe effect with bits of sponge. I have TONS of sponge in the sump and tank, I dont need the filtration.

If I let air in the pipes and turn it on the bubbles will break a lot of sponge off and stop the snow for a few weeks but it always starts up again. I did this two weeks ago and the tank was literally snowing for 3 days until I let it settle and sucked all the sponge bits out.

Im just tired of it and I want my water to be clear.

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