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You're almost there. You have two different sets of addresses. Your private addresses (typically on a linksys those start with 192.x.x.x) and your public IP address. That is a single IP address, assigned to your router, by your internet service provider.

You can use the internal (192.x.x.x) to access your Apex when you're at home, you are correct for setting disabling DHCP on your controller, that will keep that 192.x.x.x address from changing. However that won't work when outside your home network.

At some point you added an entry to router to point traffic to your router and your public IP address (and a port) to your Apex, and yes you could use that public IP address alone to connect to your Apex when away from home. The problem with connecting via that public IP is that it will occasionally change (as you've found, with power outages). That's where dyndns comes in. You can setup a program on your computer, or possibly your router, to automatically repoint to that number every time it changes. That way, you'll only ever need that domain name to access your controller.

Luckily your router can do this for you automatically! If you check page 9 of the User Guide for your router (found here - ) you will find instructions on how to enter your dyndns information in the router so that anytime your external ip address changes it will automatically update your dyndns hostname. From that point on you'll always be able to access your controller using the dyndns hostname only, good stuff!

Hope this helps!

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