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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post

Here's another pic, especially where it looks just like cyano except what you can't see in the picture is a 4 inch long strand coming from it. Long strands come from the coral too. Cyano never has strands right?

Also, aren't you worried that the Dino will immediately kill the plankton and pods? I thought those were the first to go during a Dino outbreak. I'd like to add all those smaller life forms but was worried they wouldn't last
I've only seen cyano mat, looks more like dinos than cyano.
If you get methods in place to remove it like 10uM filter socks and a UV sterilizer and run some carbon, blow it off the rocks and corals daily and vacuum the sand through a filter sock and put the water back in the tank to keep the dino numbers down you should be able to add plankton.
I did all those things, then removed my sand bed, turned off my skimmer, stopped running po4 binder, carbon and UV for about 3 weeks and let the water dirty up till I was on the verge of hair algae and had green micro algae growing on the glass then I added the plankton.
My dinos were triggered from using algaex algae killer that decimated my micro fauna but there must be other triggers, however the dinos can kill the micro fauna so you end up in the same boat.

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