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I too, have had a MAJOR aptasia problem going on.. I bought a Klein's about a month ago to hopefully eat the darn things... at first he did not even look at them... AND he did pick at a few sps and other corals...he also eats anything I feed the tank, flake, freeze dried, frozen...AND he is NOT skittish or nor does he let any one bully himmm.....I was getting a little frustrated at the fact he was not touching the aptasia...... BUT this week, lo and behold.... the aptasia are disappearing!!! At first I thought I was imagining it.... but nope they are disappearing one by one....and I must have had over a 100 at one point....

I am hoping that I can keep him after they are all gone. I really like him...I am going to try and keep him well fed and hopefully he will not pick on corals once the aptasia are all gone...he is an interesting little fish.

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