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Originally Posted by Munchdog View Post
Jimmy, regarding the ph...mine swings from 7.8 to 8.3 daily. I run a lamp in the sump at night
Just saw your ph was consistent with no dip at night. Was curious if you were doing anything to keep it that stable.
Its gonna be sweet when its done, great office
Munchdog... oh.. that was the reading from someone else showing me how great the neptune controller was... I hope my swings in ph will be like hers!!!
.... we got a lot of reclaimed wood coming from a milk barn in Wisconsin that is 90 years old to accent a lot of the areas too!!!

Originally Posted by etymotic View Post
Love the recessed corner. Looks great!

More pics please
Thank you etymotic... more pics to come in the near future.... we are finally coming to an end on the construction of the office....

Originally Posted by rogermccray View Post
Ohh, that does look very good!
Thanks Roger....!!!

Originally Posted by Spirofucci View Post
Oh man.....this is gonna be nice!
Thank you Spirofucci!!

Originally Posted by d2mini View Post
WOW! This is awesome. Love the modern look.
What does your business do?
d2mini... thank you... I just hope my build is as great as yours... your tank was one of my biggest inspirations!!!
My business is manufacturing solar panels. My company name is ecoSolargy Inc. Asides from manufacturing, we began to do projects and a lot of solar integration for a lot of clients. My background is actually in architecture/interior design... so.. my style is pretty much modernism/ hence the straight lines and raw look of construction as such...
I put up a 12 kW solar system on the top of our building as well.... this will pretty much run the aquarium system and more... we have monitoring systems so we can show clients how much electricity we are saving and how the majority of the tank runs on solar energy....(except for at night... lol)

More progress pics to come in the near future!!!! thanks all for taking a look!!

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