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I had a thought for you, with water like yours (at least, based on the indicated TDS) you may be able to run your membrane(s) at 2:1 without greatly comprimising the life or rejection if your goal is to reduce your waste stream. Hopefully, your waste is being used on your yard, or trees, or the many other uses people have come up with to use the reject water and thus not "waste" it. :-)
Optimal membrane life/performance is usually experienced at lower ratios like 4:1 or 5:1.
However, if you are the experimenting sort who likes to monitor his system performance, you may try the reduced waste while closely monitoring for scaling effects (losing rejection will accelerate your DI consumption radically) to optimize your overall system performance and cost of ownership.
Enjoy! On my system at home, I run it much harder (low waste) and closely monitor for rejection loss (and production to a lesser extent) and change my membrane when I see a 2% drop in rejection. In my situation (my well water and my septic system) I can afford to change my membrane a litle more frequently in return for low DI consumption and less "waste" even though I run my reject line to my pine trees (they love it).
Just a thought.

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