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I forgot to list what I picked up for the tank.

I got 3 pieces of PVC, all 2" diameter. I've got a T, a 90' and a 45' elbow.

10g tank, 50w pre-set Whisper heater (pre-set to 78, but I don't know if I trust it...I might put it in the display and move that heater into the QT), a 10-20g "Aqua-Tech" power filter with activated carbon and some sort of bio-fiber for the bacteria to take hold in.

I grabbed some ORA-Glo food, as I couldn't find any Cyclopeeze at petco, a digital thermometer, and a seperate siphon for the QT tank (seemed like a good idea), and also an "Aqua-Tech" powerhead for salt mixing.

I think I've got most of my bases covered here...anything I missed?
(I didn't get a cover for the tank...will that be okay?)


Oceanic 58RR display/20H sump/fuge thread...follow the red house.

Current Tank Info: Oceanic 58g, 20H sump, AquaC EV-150, 175w Hamilton 14k + 2x39w T5HO Actinics
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