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David, either you have your courses screwed up or PADI does not know what they are doing. When I was certified in the seventies it was the long 12 week course with everything you could think of including decompression, multiple dives and everything else. My card says "Basic SCUBA Diver. I think that was the only card they had in those days. I have been diving on my own since then off my own boat with my equipment. My wife and daughter had the rediculously short learn nothing course in the Caribbean learning only no decompression diving. Their card says "Open Water Diver". I wrote to PADI about this twice and received no response. Since I do not have to depend on a dive boat or rental gear, I really do not care what it reads. It is just confusing.
Do you have an E mail address for PADI? I will try to ask them again.

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