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I've been diving about 5 years now. When I dive on vacation I carry a backup emergency flotation device - large safety sausage. It can support me if my BC fails. Also an aftermarket high powered whistle.
Had one issue w/the wife on a scallop dive (Boston) in about 65' of water. She had an older BC and was overweighted. She started to panic, I went down to assist her , holding on to her to use my BC to bring her up until we were in shallower water.
I gave her my computer to hold so I could see the depth as we ascended. She kept letting go of the computer. We were at about 30' when I went to look at my computer & lost my hold on her. She started to sink back down & went into a panic. She pulled out her weights & handed some to me....but since we were going up together it didn't matter who had them....
I grabbed her & inflated my BC, a slightly faster trip on the last 20' to the surface then I liked, but we had been at 20-30' for some time as she undid weight.
No problems after. Bought a new Zeagle before we went diving again.
Since then we have been diving a lot & I have continued my training & advanced to a Master Scuba Diver. She has taken almost as many courses, but not rescue.
It's amazing to me that they teach diving without teaching sharing a reg. It may never happen, but it's good to know.
I understand that they think it can cause more problems...but....
We dive quite a bit, usually in NE we are lucky to have 10-15' of Viz and 60 degree water
So warm water is a welcome relief, but the distance can be farther then you think
Take a test in warm water, good Viz. Take a breath, then try to swim to your buddy before it runs warm water you will be farther away then you think. If your buddy is too far are dead....
I've studied deco diving, if something happened I would be able to guestimate some stops. I have done a few deco dives, nothing major or deep. I carry a 2nd tank in the caribbean on a sling, gives me enough air to do deco.
Training & experience are everything. I've always thought that advancing in training should include "X" number of dives, and "X" number of months.
Since I dive with a 98's, & she has 85's, I always have more air. We have practiced swimming with her on my alternate, keeping 800 psi in her tank, until my runs down to the same. Then we head in to shore. These dives are almost always under 40'. When we are on the same tank we are already heading back to shore in about 20' of water.
Gotta love fresh lobster...6 from the ocean to the pot in 3 hours...

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