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I didn't get the plankton, I made it.

I have a large refugium with stacks of sand for denitrification and a chaeto jungle for phosphate uptake and pods to thrive in.

I bought about 10,000 pods from reefs2go. I also got 200 glass shrimp and 50 peppermints. The plankton is the byproduct of their feverish mating and the phyto I add.

I have a few other tricks like a nighttime surge that moves the refugium only (since its on a reverse cycle). That flushes the babies up into the DT.

This population exists in spite of still running my UV at night. This is because the dinos remain in the water column and float from the DT to the refugium. The slow flow back up to the DT kills some of the plankton, but most will stay in the DT. The dinos will stay in the column and be exposed repeatedly to UV.

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