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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
For those that start over. What did you do with corals? I have sps and I know if I get rid of the sps, I wont be able to add it back to tank for another 6-8 months until take is mature enough again. This is the only thing holding me back from starting over. I am at the last straw though. I am giving up. I might even try dino x at this point. Honestly
I really think you should give the dirty method more time. I know it's frustrating but according to your previous posts you've been at this method for about a week, right? Other people in this thread have said that it takes several weeks to show results.

Starting over is an individual choice, sure, but a ton of evidence presented here says that dirty method works given time and starting over can be very expensive.

Originally Posted by Billybatz9
I bought filter socks online for 6.50 each but they aren't washable, so I use them once and throw them away. Can get quite expensive.
Have you considered making your own?

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