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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
What bacteria will you be going with?
I can only tell you what I did. I do have a BS in Microbiology and used that knowledge to try and approach this in a natural way. A newbie to reef aquariums, however,and my first bout of Dinos.

1. I decreased my photoperiod to 5 hours a day.
Less light, less growth

2. Started running GFO, Phosguard, and Carbon, changing out Phosguard and GFO once a week
Trying to get phosphates at 0 and keep them there

3. Added a Cermedia Marine Pure 8x8x4 block to the sump
Supposed to help get a larger population of nitrate reducing bacteria

4. Aggressive wet skimming. Replaced the skimmate with fresh saltwater.
Only water changes I did
Trying to deplete any other nutrients the dinos may be living on.

5. Siphoning the dinos into a filter sock in the sump every day.
Getting rid of as much of the population as I can while exporting any other nutrients they need to grow

6. Used Coral Snow mixed with Zeobak every morning before lights came on every day.
Coral Snow is supposed to adsorb organics from the water column and Zeobak are another bacteria source.

7. Dosed Probidio biodigest (bacteria) and bioptim once every week
More bacteria to compete with the dino

8. Phytoplankton and Pods from Algaebarn.
More competition

Much of what I did is also recommended as a treatment for Cyano.

After a month, lights are back up, no dinos and only lost half of a birdsnest coral to the dinos.

We'll see.

Red Sea Reefer 450, Geisemann Aurora, Vertex 150 Skimmer. Just getting started.

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