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Kyle, I have done massive dips ( meaning ) i've had to dip all my frags and colonies as to prevent further break out to unaffected pieces.

I don't use RO/DI for my dips but use water from the main tank and treat them in 5 gallon buckets. ( using tank water, gives me an excuse to also do a water change ).

I've read peopel even use a packet for a cup or 2 of water. The way I look at it, some polyps if are far gone won't survive the dip. I've seen some small brittle stars and some ampipods survive some dips but don't know if they can handle 20-30mins dips. I used to use 2 packets for 2 1/2 gallons of tank water. and also have a spare 5 gallon set aside with tank water for rinsing before placing the dip pieces back to the main tank. NEVER treat furan in your main tank. It's not known to what impact the furan can do to your tanks system.


Just enjoying the box of water from afar
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