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Originally Posted by REEF DIVA View Post
I run 80 watts of UV continuous on my reef. I change the bulbs every 8 months. UV won't put a dent into dinoflagellates. I wish it would work but it won't. Biodiversity won't work either. I have very strong biodiversity in my reef system.
Reef Diva, I don't mean to be rude but are you sure you have dinos? Cyano can look very very similar, and it likes higher nutrient conditions like you'd see after a crash. UV probably wouldn't kill cyano as it's not floating around the water column at night.

Biodiversity with respect to dinos means microscopic flora and fauna, pods, sand bed organisms, etc and supplying enough food to sustain them.

"No magic bullet, use a multi-pronged approach" could be the theme song of this thread, unfortunately.

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