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Originally Posted by rdhall View Post
Hello all,

I've been a member for about a month and have been reading up when I can. A newcomer to reef keeping. My neighbor gave me one of his old BioCube nano's (14g).

My current status: Tank fully cycled. Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites at zero. Purchased 9 lbs of premium live rock from a display tank at local fish store. 6 lbs of base rock. and 1 lb. of live rock in the back of the nano as my bio filter. No fish or corals yet. Have a cleaner crew of 4 turbos and 8 red legged hermits. Also got two peppermint shrimp to take care of some aiptasia that hitchhiked with the live rock.

I've got copepods developing in my tank. But also have flatworms that are multiplying. Which brings me to my first question. Which fish is best as a natural predator for flatworms? I've read about wrasses and mandarin gobies. But not sure if either one is appropriate for my size tank or with my current setup. Aware of flatworm exit as a remedy. But I'm trying to do this tank, and pest management, as natural as possible, without chemical additives or treatments (not sure yet if its even possible).

Also, I would like to do some soft corals as well. Should I establish my corals in my tank prior to doing fish?

Appreciate any reply. Thanks for the forum.

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you're question is a good one, a six line wrasse would be the best choice. But just like anything it all depends on the particular fish. I had a diamond goby that would keep the flat worms at bay. but also heard that they are hit and miss as well. Clear as mud?

I would recommend to establish the fish prior to adding corals, that way you can get a good routine and establish the tank before jumping in.

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