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I can't say for sure but my understanding is that the Chrysiptera family is the least aggressive of the bunch. Having said that all I can say is that I've kept three Azures for a while with pretty good success in my small 40 breeder. Sadly one day a pair connected and that was the end of the trio with the pair killing the 3rd. I've also had a pair of Talbots in my 29 bio-cube. I think a member here, sk8r, has a 105 gallon with several different damsels that live together, and have, for a very long time.

I plan on adding some more once I get the 240 settled. Damsels add color and speed and in my opinion pretty under rated fish. I'll be adding Talbots, Starcki, Rolland's, and Tracey's or at least that is the plan. At least two of each plus moving the Azures I have. Since Azures are similar to Starcki, although smaller, I may hold off on the Starcki's.


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