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Originally Posted by rsucre View Post
Hi Taricha. Yes, I had some incidents with Euphillia LPS (not SPS), which seemed consistent with brown jelly disease. Overall, my Euphillia (hammer and frogspawn - has not occurred with Torch) seem very delicate -- specially hammer.
Do you think it can be the same "brown jelly disease" that attacks euphillia, that now attacked the monti cap? Does it stay in the tank forever latent? How can I get rid of it? Is it dinos?
Yes, it can. Brown jelly disease is now understood to be a community of organisms - bacteria, ciliates etc. that work together to degrade the coral tissue. The ciliates zooming around eating the zooxanthellae looks CRAZY under the scope.
Originally Posted by xabo View Post
Is there some type of correlation between Dinos and LEDs? Never had them when I was running MH's.
I personally believe it's possible there's a minor effect with the frequencies of LEDs being more selective than MH were, and perhaps MH supported more dino competitors than LED fixtures. But It's more likely that other things have changed about your tank care since MH that make a bigger difference.

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