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This is also a very good option for someone who had the same situation I am in.
I don't have any money saved up, and I find it hard to save enough for a big purchase.

This lends itself to that because you can buy it step by step.

I started out with a single t5 that came with the tank.
My neighbor gave me some free corals (great guy) even though I wasn't ready for them. When i realized that I didn't have near the light needs met, I scrambled for ligght. I didn't have the money for anything pre-built, so I bought a few LEDs on amazon, and a couple drivers and some small heat sink.for less than $40. I wired them up and mounted them to a piece of wood which sets on my glass lids. It looks like a mess right now. But now I have enough light to at least keep these guys alive. Next I'm going to buy the MakersLED. and piece by piece, paycheck to paycheck, I will buy the rest of the components. Until one day, I'm acclimating animals instead of desperately trying to keep them alive.

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