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I asked a vendor about the size of the 250, if I could squeeze it into 19x16 chamber of my Elos sump but never heard back. It looks like the 200 would. Hmm .... so many great skimmers, only one tank.

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I am also interested in the MSRP and tank volume rating of the SM 200.
Go to - that info is already listed. IIRC it is about $1,500 or something like that.


Bubble King Supermarin 200 Internal

Bubble King Supermarin 200 Internal Skimmer

Currently Not in stock. Available in mid to late February. More data to come soon.

Notice that the pump can be mounted on 2 sides for better sump placement.

Supermarin Ratings:

For aquariums from 600-3000 Liters (150-793 Gallons)
35 Watts
3000 L/HR Water
1500 L/HR Air

Height: 55 cm / 21.7"

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