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Well my pH has not been able to get much past 8 and more times than not it was 7.6-7.8

1. I have two windows cracked open in my reef room and central AC.

2. I have great water surface agitation
(3 Mp40's and 2 Mp10's)

3. I dose Kalk.

Looks like it was time to try a DIY Co2 scrubber.

Lid Lock container

Sponge leftover from Mag 18

Drilled the bottom and sides 1/2 in holes

3/8 John guess fitting

Scrubber complete

I put it on line last night at 8:30 pm
pH was 7.94

It is now 6:00am the next morning and my pH is at 8.6

Yay! So far so good.
I will continue to monitor it and report back what it gets up to during the day.

Water quality, Flow, Lighting, Patience ;)

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