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Originally Posted by 2k3sgm View Post
Mine is on 4.33L_BD14 and I have found that if I access the unit via the app (iOS) it locks up and becomes unresponsive. I haven't had much time lately to dig into what its doing so I've been using Fusion which seems to work as expected. I rearranged the bus cables so I only have one plugged into the main unit, when it acts up I can easily remove power from the controller and plug it back in, recovering to a functioning state, without powering down everything else.
I have noticed a few posts lately stating the same scenario, the Apex just becomes unresponsive. Anyone hear if Neptune is looking into?
What I did was remove the AUX Power that goes to UPS and reseated it. Its been working ok for last five days. That does happen to me when I use the dashboard or IOS app it locks up once every few weeks. This certainly isn't good because when I take my east coast trips for two weeks I'm biting nails.

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