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College nano plan!

Originally Posted by rayjay View Post
I'd bet there is something you don't know about seahorses. I've been in the hobby for about 14 yrs now and I'm still learning.

While a dwarf setup can be simple, the needs are still the same. Excellent water quality.

I'd suggest before getting into dwarfs, to first get artemia cysts and start hatching them out and then simulate enriching them. It will give you an idea of how much is involved before you get to the point you have to do it.

Many dwarf keepers end up getting out because the feeding/enriching chore becomes too much of a chore.

A great site to check out on seahorses with some more up to date info than the org is where Tami has spent much time on assembling all this information.

I'm so sorry if I'm coming across as a know it all, I really know nothing compared to anyone who has kept seahorses. I have also never raised brine shrimp.

The only reason it seemed easy to me was the video that the king of diy made. His stand seems to make raising brine shrimp easy but I will give it a try before buying the tank (I'm sure my wrasse would love a snack )

Thanks for the advice!!!

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