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Originally Posted by nikeniv20 View Post
I got the pumping xenia and the duncan coral recently, but I am not sure where to place them. I placed the xenia coral in the middle of the tank, the moment I placed them they started opening within seconds and started to flow. its kinda leaning towards the flow of the current, does it need to be re arranged to some other place to stay straight? also the duncan coral is slowly starting to open, I am not sure where to place them either?

The other question is I havent removed the plug since it came, I have just placed it on the rock where it sits well, will that be fine?

can anyone please help?????
What size tank do you have, what kind of lights do you have, and how much flow do you have? Can't answer your question without these specs...

BUT in my personal experience, I've had xenia grow anywhere in the tank from very high light (top 1-3 inches from the surface) to all the way at the bottom of the tank, and this was with 1x175 watt mh and 4 t5 bulbs on a icecap 660 ballast over a 92 corner tank. The duncans being a lps coral seem to enjoy more light then other softies and can go anywhere from mid to high in the tank. Leaving it on the plug is fun, if u want to remove it and can do so without damaging the coarl, that is fine too. Depends entirely on you...

but yeah, need your tanks specs to give u a clear answer.

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