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Looks like i finally got my Ostreopsis Dinos under control. I wish i would have taken more pictures if when they were at their worst.

Before pics

I would say my Dinos were 95 percent gone in only 2 days of UV running in conjuntion with lights out to keep them in the water column. My UV is a Coralife turbo twist 6 18 watt. I'm running it super slow flow maybe 50 gallon an hour to hopefully kill all Dinos with that extra contact time.
I added Seachem Sability for added bacteria diversity ( although i dont think this help much). Then i increased feedings and turned off my skimmer as well to add more nitrates and phosphates. As i posted before, i have not lost any snails or anything else that was tring to eat the dinos like my lawnmower blenny. Thats the only reason i turned off my skimmer i dont belive my particular species of Dinos is very toxic and didnt care there would be dead dinos in the water
When my Dinos were at their worst my readings were 0.00 Phosphate (hanna checker) and 0.25 ppm Nitrate ( Red Sea Pro) now they stand at 0.06 Phosphate and 4ppm Nitrate.
Corals seem much happier with the added nitrate and phosphate in the water. Macro algae is now beggining to grow on the rocks.
I did a 10 percent waterchage for the heck of it and did it at the end of the lighting cycle and left the lights off the following day. They did grow a bit from that WC but not much. This has been great outome, all corals are open and happy. Very minimal Dino dust left, not enough to worry about. I sugest if you do happen to do a WC when you are battling dinos go lights out for a day or to after.

Im not saying they are completly gone but they are knocked back so much all i can see is very minimal Dino dust after my first WC. My thinking is worst case scenario if they do happen to come back slowly a 2 day lights out with UV will knock em back 95 percent in my case. I plan to only run the UV at night now for a while. Im putting this one in the win column after many

After pics

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