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Originally Posted by WVfishguy View Post
Artemia are are attracted to light. Cover the hatchery, leaving a small hole for light to come in. After a few minutes, the live shrimp will be massed where the light comes in, and you can siphon them out. We used to hatch them in gallon jars, cover the jar with a paper bag with a small hole in the side, and suck them out where they congregate in the light.
Appreciate the tip, my shrimp have been "marinating" (can't really think of a better term tbh) for a bit over 48 hrs so they should be ready soon. We shall see how it works.

Originally Posted by lapin View Post
I have a Brine Shrimp hatchery cone with stand and some strainers if you want to drive over to Wimberley. You can borrow it for a while. What i found is most effective is to use a light as WVfishguy suggests. They will come to the light and you can siphon them out with turkey baster .
I appreciate the offer. If my package isn't slated to be here soon, I very well may take you up on that offer. Appears you are only about an hour away from me. Thank you

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