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fs fattys chalice frag pack WYSIWYG

hey guys
gotta make some room in the frag tank 7 piece frag pack
1. Fattys pinkberry //Grey blue body with bright pink eyes
2. Fattys orange bang// orange with lizard pattern and a streak of green
3. Fattys FAKEthrower // red body with white stripes and orange eye
4. Fattys war/peace/// greenish blue body w/ pink eyes and sparkles in the eye
5. Fattys strawberry dream/// red body with blue/grey dots and pink mouth
6. Fattys swamp thing //// green/turquoise body with yellow dots
7. Fattys lemon drop//// green body w stripes and yellow eyes

///////ALL FOR $250 PICK UP GARDEN GROVE //////


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