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My experience with grinding glass can be translated to SPEED=RISK.

Having said that it is important to realise there are two reasons for the speed

The hole saws were intended to be used with a drill press like jig. These jig usually have two speeds 200-300 rpm and 1000 -1500 rpm. Starting at 1000-1500 rpm is asking for trouble.

The second reason is more related to the grinding process. Higher speed less bit life, increased chance of the bit binding and glass cracking, lower hole quality, inabilty to clear the glass waste resulting in slower grinding etc.

Most of the second reasons are unlike to be the concern of the average person grinding a handful of holes.

Even if you are going slow, if the bit binds and wrenches the drill from your hands you will likely crack the glass you are drilling. More powerful drill is not always better when drilling glass:LOL:.

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