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Originally Posted by tastyfish View Post
Personally I'd ditch the UV, it's indiscriminate and you want to increase the competing bacteria etc in the water column. The dinoflagellates would disperse into the water column with a blackout anyway, use the skimmer and siphon to remove them.
The bacteria is primarily in the filter media - sand, rock, plumbing, surfaces... They're not in the water column like dinos.

Sure, they'll get killed too if they go in, but dinos have the unique behavior of free floating in the dark. This makes them especially vulnerable to UV with a protracted lights out phase.

But as the dinos die, they need to be exported out - wet skimming. They also leave a hole in the ecosystem that must be filled by other organisms. I don't think bacteria is the answer. I added phyto myself. But bacteria may be part of the answer too. I also added pods, live rock, live sand (yes-really), new chaeto, and fed... Once the dinos were being killed, I wanted to give every other competing organism a chance to fill the void in the food chain! I threw the kitchen sink of life at them wanting to introduce any element that could outcompete them. I even bought the most invasive photosynthetic corals I could- rhodactis on two massive pieces of live rock covered in worms and sponges. Yes- I introduced aggressive corals in the middle of the Dino fight.

Something won out in the end- but I can't say what it was. I just know that my chaeto started performing again and I began exporting. I even added an ATS and the algae fills up like a machine now and I feed heavily but export very hard too.

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