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Your colors and growth are awesome. The full tank shots are so pretty and amazing. I don't take full tank shots because I don't have that beautiful composition of multicolored corals all growing into each other. I hope to one day. Your photos are inspirational. And your corals, well they are just absolutely mind boggling beautiful

Reef Hobbyist Magazine, Q4 2017, "Achieving Colorful SPS", "The Ultimate Guide: How To Successfully Grow Beautiful SPS Corals"
Reef Spotlight February 2013, other Forum

Current Tank Info: 180 Bowfront, 30 gallon sump, 20 gallon refugium, reeflo dart/snapper hybrid pump, 2 x 6105 Tunze ,Tunze ATO, dual chamber CA reactor, 3 x250 metal halides with 2x t5 actinic supplement, Reefbrite Blue XHO's dawn/dusk
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