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Originally Posted by sensei View Post
Wow! tank looks amaizing

how do you do it so that acros do not burn each other being so close together?
Hey Sensei, thanks! I have found that all corals are different. Some are extremely aggressive and destructive while others not at all. Sometimes one coral will burn the other way back and sometimes corals will just grow into each other and nothing happens.
When I have an aggressive coral like the red no name, I have to trim all the branches that head towards weaker corals. But if corals meet and nothing happens, I let them go..

Originally Posted by MrsReefK View Post
Amazing photos! Absolutely love the pink matrix, drooling over it!

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Thanks! Taking the pictures is as much fun as growing the coral. That pink matrix is very photogenic!

Originally Posted by westreef View Post
Hi Matt, Your tank is always so gorgeously colourful. Just love to see more pictures of it.
Hey Bernie thanks! Well, I happen to have a few more shot from my last climb on the ladder so, here ya go!


The wave and 24k

Fox Flame and no name.

24k up close.

Not sure what this is..
Habanero! Up close.

The beautiful blueberry wine..

So I think that pretty much does it for the latest photodump!


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