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280 Gallon Tank Build For My Office

Hi Everyone,

So everything that I love about this hobby has infected all my employees!!! W are closing escrow on our new office building in Southern California and will begin some of the interior remodel right after.

In the new lobby, we are going to build an in the wall tank. In back of the lobby wall where the tank resides, we are building an 8' x 8' "fish room" to house all the equipment and quarantine tank and frag tanks.

As many of you may know, there is definitely not a shortage of LFS around here. I have approached probably 6 different ones, and gotten all kinds of product list and quotes. Total cost ranges from $7000 - $15,000..... Many are just buying direct from Marine Depot..!!!... if that is the case, I would just buy it myself and earn miles and points!!! I thought there may be some kind of discount or something?... oh well... This is why I'm posting on here to get any suggestions.... suggestions on equipment... as I feel I may be building and putting this tank together myself.

I definitely encourage you guys to give me suggestions and comments regarding my list below.

I will also be posting pictures as we go along on this tank build... so ... hope you guys and gals can help me... (makes me feel like this is gonna be a ReefCentral Tank Build....hahaha)

The 280 gallon tank will mostly house SPS corals, some LPS, and smaller fishes.... the fish that I want that might get large later on is a Soho (yes... the same one as the RC
I was planning also to keep this a bare bottom tank as well....

72" wide X 30" tall x 30" deep
Starfire glass in the front pane and the right pane (as that is exposed to the receptionist area)
Left side will be blacked out and the back side will be blacked out.
The overflow will be in the center of the tank but on the exterior back so that it does not intrude on the footprint of the tank (plus I got plenty of space in the back)
Tank will be Eurobraced with a 1/2" recess...
So far, LeeMar is the only one who can make this tank???

This is where I am confused and unsure....I know we are going to go with LED fixtures.... (I may also supplement with some T5's...If necessary)
Do I get 4 Radian fixtures?
Do I get 3 Radian Fixtures?
Do I go with Orphek Fixtures?
(It would be so helpful if someone can give me some of their experiences... especially dealing with a 30" deep and 30" tall tank.)

I'll post this for now so you guys can comment and ponder....I'll be writing the next challenges that I am running into.

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