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The fish room...

So, now I am posting my plans for the fish room behind the tank. As always, your comments and suggestions are valid and I look forward to seeing them in case I missed something (and I am sure I have)...

Fish Room:

Room is 8' X 8'....
This room will give access to the back and left side of the display tank...
The sump below the the display tank will be accessible as well.
The stand will have the display tank sitting at 48" so the top of the tank will be at 6'-6".... In my opinion... it might be a very interesting concept to be able to see the water ripples on the surface while viewing the corals in one focal point.
This will also give me plenty of space underneath to work on the sump and plumbing and cleaning of the skimmer.
On an adjacent wall will be two 200 gallon water containers. One will be for RO/DI water.... and the other will be for the salt water mix.
Opposite to the water containers, will be an area for a 4' wide X 12" deep X 12 high frag tank that will be connected to the sump as well. (is this a good idea or should it be a separate filtration system?)
Above this tank will be a strong shelf that will hold three 10 gallon tanks, each with its own filter system, serving as quarantine tanks.

So far this is what is in the plan. I still have a week before I start to finalize the build and start ordering all the parts and components.

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