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Originally Posted by gveng View Post
their are a bunch of us in Southern California, if you need help just ask. our local reef club forum is located here:

1 radion will only cover a 18"x18" area and are not recommended for deeper tanks (>24"), so you are looking at a minimum of 6 for that size tank. Might want to look at the AI Sols as a cheaper alternative.

good luck, keep us posted!
gveng... Thanks for the info... for some reason, I had thought that the coverage was a 24" x 24" footprint... I like the Radions because of its ability to connect with the MP's....
You might be right... I might need 6 of them... but I will try the four first and see how well it is going to light the tank.... if not enough... I guess I will have to add more.
I tested AI's out before on my current 180 gallon and I thought they were very very weak... not bright enough and no coverage... trust me, if it worked, I would of cuz it would save me a bunch of $$$$..... Will keep you all posted as the build begins and progresses.

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