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Originally Posted by CHSUB View Post
great start!

i have a similar build 60x36x30, 280; imo 4 radions for sps are not going to cut it. a lfs, that build my tank, had 3 radions on your exact tank and it could not even support soft corals very well...i suggest you look at Pacific Sun, mine are great. also look at vertex alpha skimmers and calcium reactors, i have both and they work great. powerheads, i have a mp40 and mp60 best i have ever used.

good luck!
Thanks for the input CHSUB....!!!
I'll check out the Pac Suns.... so far it sounds like if I stay with the Radions... I might need to get more. I'll also check out the Vertex Alpha Skimmer... I'm actually considering going with the AquaMaXX Cone 3 now... seems like a lot of people have a lot of good things to say about it.

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