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Originally Posted by milonedp View Post
I'm actually building almost the same tank this fall just 2 feet longer (96 by 30 by 30), I reached out to EcoTech and they said 5 or 6 running perpendicular to the back wall (like this | | | | | ) with a tank that's two feet shorter you'd probably be looking at 4, maybe 5. I hadn't heard that a radion isn't good over 24 inches anyone have any support for that? I haven't decided what way I'm going yet but I'm interested to see if you do them and how you like them as you are a few months ahead.
milonedp or Doug....
I think I am going to go with the Radion...... between 4 or 5... I don't know yet.
I am getting a GREAT deal on these Radions since I have been shopping at my LFS for years. I will probably start with 4 first... and see if I need a 5th.

I am definitely open to hearing what you are planning for your tank. I actually will have a local guy help me on some of the stuff in regards to final design and plumbing. I'm actually going to go down to his shop with what I have and we are gonna spend a few hours bouncing off design ideas and also equipment ideas. His shop is Amazing Aquariums and Reefs in Orange, CA....
( I got to tell you that his showroom with his tanks are the best looking tanks that I have ever seen... hands down. All the local lfs know how awesome his tanks are and the local hobbyist around southern cali also know as well. So, I am very fortunate and excited to be able to sit down with him and work out details.

Love to further chat about your ideas... just let me know.


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