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Originally Posted by jimmyjames View Post

Thank you for the recommendation.... I have been trying to read up on the differences between the apex neptune and the reefkeeper NET.....
many have told me that the apex is programmable as in programming language? (which i know nothing about).... Is the apex pretty easy to use and set up?.... I'm basically looking for a controller that i would spend some time setting up but wouldn't need a professional to guide me..and I would be checking the controller every other day to just make sure some of the parameters are within what is acceptable or optimal... the web features/alerts i think would be a great bonus... especially on the weekends which I don't plan on being in the office too often
I have the apex, so I would recommend that. But, there are plenty of threads which explain the difference.

Programming language, yes, but its extremely simple. It is made up of IF and THEN statements.

So, say, you have a plug which controls the lights, and you want them on at 10am, off at 6pm, then this would be the programming code you would put in (aside from being able to select simple stuff from a drop down ui menu)
Fallback OFF
If Time 14:30 to 22:30 Then ON
If Temp > 84.0 Then OFF

You can get into more complicated items, but it will require time and patience. And i'm sure, if you're purchasing a setup worth thousands from a shop, someone will program it for you. Heck, being in SoCal, i'm sure you can pay a few folks a couple hundred and have that pretty complicatedly setup. You can do as much as automate water changes!

I like that having a unit, i can view the stats ofmy tank from my iPhone, start/stop outlets, get SMS alerts for if something goes wrong.
Here's a screenshot of my pH + temp over last 48 hours (gives you an idea of what you can see / do):

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