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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Some do, some don't. After removing skimmer, no water changes, and more feeding, I have gha, diatoms, Dino's, and cyano.

I decided to go to a place I haven't been before in Chicago to get some pods, so trying that method now

The guy there actually mentioned a Dino Filter you can buy. I'm trying to find it on the internet now . Never heard of it before.

The picture was taken just now about 1 hour before lights come on. I also did a siphoning 24 hrs before the pic was taken.

So what's the consensus on siphoning? Leave the Dino's alone or siphon into filter sock in sump like I've been doing?
Ah ok. Reason I ask is because I have similar looking stuff on my sand but they don't go away at night. They are just as ugly during the day. Tang eats it too and no snail deaths. But they do have bubbles occasionally.

Where in Chicago are you getting pods? I've just been getting em online at various places. Would be awesome to get some local.

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