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Seems way too complicated. On my 300 I have 2 filter socks I clean weakly, a modified ASM G4 skimmer, and a Refugium with macro algae. When I started getting some GHA I added A simple alge turf scrubber with a little vinegar and iron dosing. It was all I needed to drop my nitrate and phosphate to almost zero. I stoped dosing vinegar dosing a few months back so nitrate would climb a little. I only dose 5 ml of iron once a week or so now. I also cut back on the lighting on my ATS to 8 hours a day from 24 originally. For my ATS I just put a piece of roughened mesh in the overflow and lit it with a Chinese red & blue led grow light. I have never had my nitrates and phosphates as low in any other tank I have currently.
I have 25 fish including 4 large fish( my sail fin tank is dinner plate sized). I feed heavily, and do not have any other reactors.

240G mixed reef, 29G SPS/LPS clam tank, 50G mixed reef

Current Tank Info: 300g mixed reef, 50g cube
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