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Thanks for the input / update and your original post.

It appears one of the major differences between the system you build and the Nutrient Pulse, is the batching vs continuous low flow used by your system.

The biomass buildup definitely impacts the batching systems more. Although the flow through the biofilm decreases as the population increases, it doesnít seem to completely clog. Iíve read several articles about biofilm and the bacteria seem to work together to keep paths open for water flow. Itís just not enough flow for these batching systems, I guess.

A couple of questions:

1 Are you still doing water changes? If so how often? I was wondering, with the skimmer off, how phosphate was being exported?
2 You mentioned that clogging is an issue when nitrate is abundant and you dealt with that by reducing the carbon source. Given that the amount of carbon seems to be linked to the reduction capability of these systems, how did you deal with the increased nitrate?

You are right; it is way too complicated. Öglad your system works so well for you.

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