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I completed the paddle wheel for the CFC. This component is probably the most time consuming and tedious piece to construct. I made this one clear so I could see into it better. I had a snail get stuck in this section on the version two sump so this should allow me to see better if that happens again.

The two X 13 inch disks are connected by (41) 5.75 X inch pieces set one inch apart. This forms the 6.25 inch wide support for the Roller Mat felt. Two 1/8 X 13.25 disks are attached on the outside as guides and to seal things up. This should give me over 200 square inches of filter surface area at full contact. Running depth in this compartment will be about 13 inches with the wheel about a half-inch off the bottom.

I also removed a lot of material in the sides by drilling holes, to reduce the weight. This was a lot of extra work and Im not sure I would do it that way again. In the end, it did reduce the weight by a pound, overall. This wheel is 13.25 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches wide. It weighs in at 3.55 lbs. It is constructed of almost 50 pieces of acrylic and polycarbonate. There were over 35 holes drilled as well.

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