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I have tried many things:

- Blackout: no effect, just pauses the invasion
- Fauna Marin Algae-X. Dinos smile at it.
- Dinoxal. Dinos laugh at it.
- Amoxicilline. It seemed to work but after two days, the rascals showed up again.
- UV and ozone. Doesn`t seem to affect
- NO3. I raised nitrate from undetectable level to 30 ppm by adding KNO3. Only got brown SPSs after this.

My parameters were almost "perfect":
- Salinity 35ppm
- Temp 24ºC
- NO3 undetectable
- PO4 undetectable
- Alcalinity 7ºdkH
- Calcium 410 ppm
The system is lit by sunlight and T5s, corals thrived like crazy with awesome colors before this pest.

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