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Alright guys update, My dinos are gone. Knock on wood. I'm up to running my lights 6 hours a day and no dinos have returned and my corals a flourishing. Things I've done:

Removed Sand bed kept BB
Removed and soft scrubbed all rock
Dosed H202 for 5 days
Went lights out for 6 days
Added new sump, skimmer and attached Coralife UV sterilizer to return line.
Added 3 new fish
heavy water changes during the lights out period sucking out all visible dino (I know people say wc feed them but it worked for me)
One of the new fish had ich so pulled all fish and put them in hospital tank (maybe the ich had something to do with getting rid of the dino?)
Tank currently just has coral and a cleaner shrimp in it for the next 72 days.

I'll post pics later to show how good my tank is looking, not a dino in sight.

Good luck guys, feel like I've won this battle

55 Gallon Reef ,Full Apex, Eshopps 75 Sump, Eshopps 75 Skimmer, 2 Jebao RW-8, JBJ Auto Top-Off, 2 Aquastar 165W LEDs
Yes, my CHEAPO lights support:Carpet Anemone, Torch Coral, Frogspawn, Chalice, Zoa
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