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Originally Posted by mfaso24 View Post
Guys let me know if you think this is cyano or Dino's. Originally it had a stringy Dino look to it, I've blacked out for 2 days with seemingly no difference. Just now, I turned my pumps off and it seems to have almost settled into a cyano looking type mat. I'm just confused because I've never seen a system wide cyano outbreak kind of situation. I will post pictures and video from the "before" stringy appearance to the now "matted" appearance and would like to know what you guys think.
2nd pic does look like cyano. I have both cyano and dinos (good grief) and 2 day blackouts don't seem to affect either one much. 3+ days is the magic number. Cyano comes off in big sheets if you gently pull it. The bubbles look more like they're inside or under the mat where dinos seem to have bubbles at the end of the strings.

H2O2 is a weak acid but will certainly kill bacteria. Both dinos and cyano like it when there isn't much competition. Given the choice, I'd sure opt for cyano.


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