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Originally Posted by GoingPostal View Post
Nice, is the light for the spiral coral? I know some need light and others don't, I have a similar nano and thought about adding one but don't have any usable light over the tank and heard they grow rather quickly as well. What are you adding for the filter feeders in there? Any issues with the inverts stealing food? I don't have any in mine but was trying to think of something suitable to add.
Mine was sold as a nonphoto coral, but it's polyps do seem bigger if i turn on the mystery purple lamp. So i'm not so sure...

I feed once or twice daily. Reef Nutrition phytofeast, oyster feast, roti feast, mysis feast and arctipods. Also rod's food, new life spectrum pellets and cyclopeeze. Sometimes coral frenzy or reef chili at nite. half a silverside to the rhizotrochus once a week. I also use prodibio nano products, and also KZ sponge power, coral vitalizer, amino acid lps, and pohl's xtra.

Yeah, the cleaner shrimp love to steal food, but i usually broadcast feed first, which satisfies them most of the time, before i feed individual polyps.

kind regards, dave

Current Tank Info: elos mini x2, biube
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