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Originally Posted by Quiet_Ivy View Post
Wow, you've been through the wringer! Have to lol at your chia pet rock, I can see the LFS people going 'Nooooo you don't want that rock!' Kind of surprised the H2O2 didn't work tho.

I got my rock from a relative, after he shut down his all-sps tank due to pests. He had bad "diatoms" at the end but..the rock sat out through an entire winter here, and got hosed down periodically. I cleaned it thoroughly before I used it. Should be fine, right? I would now bet money that it wasn't diatoms, and a lot of his unexplained fish deaths were due to dino toxins. He used flatworm exit and probably interceptor and levamisole. But hey, it was free! My LFS doesn't even carry real live rock at all because we're 2,000km from the ocean and shipping is ridiculous.

I will never use dry rock to start a tank again. Paying air freight would have been much less upsetting than killing off a tank of animals.

Everytime I dosed the h2o2 my filtersocks would clog up in about 3 hours. It was killing them just not fast enough..

I am thinking of setting a small tank up , and using water change water and a few rocks from the 60g and seeing what kind I do have, and how bad they will get...

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