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I know what you mean with the other tangs, It would be great to be able to raise them.
My progress so far is recorded on the Marine Breeding Initiative site with all of the detail for my attempt so far
I even got some press (google search for "reefbuilder darren nancarrow") which was really cool.

My main tank is a 6x2x2 180G so nothing huge, I have two females and one male. They spawn every 2-3 days, often with both females within 30 seconds to an hour of each other.

Now i'm at a similar point to you, the hard part. Like you Im doing this at home, with just hobbyist level stuff, mostly I use 2L plastic containers and a desk lamp for heat/light. I collect eggs by scooping them from the tank before the other fish get them.
The best result is 18 days post spawn with 14 days quite reliably (with wild sourced zooplankton).
A friend just lent me a microscope so I can hopefully identify and then culture the food that is getting them going.

I know what you mean with the just one settled, it makes all the effort, expense and frustration so worth while.

Sorry for the thread hijack, but its almost like you and I have the exact same process and experience, just with a different species. The pictures are even similar.

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