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Purple Haze- As of now we are planning on 4 250w DE's, once we get that up and working we may add another 250w DE or may supplement with VHO. We currently have 2 250w DE's and a 4 bulb VHO setup so we wanted to use that instead of buying all new lighting but are going to try to get the look we want without any VHO supplementation. We'll see what it looks like with the 4 250's and go from there I think.

mhurley- Are these things massive or what? I could only find one picture of your tank in your gallery- got any other you want to share? I would be curious on how you set yours up as well. Are you happy with it so far?

Not much more progress yet- here is the stand all finished and we are just waiting on our OM 4way and a few other parts before we put the tank on it.


Current Tank Info: Currently between tanks- previous tank was the June 2007 Tank of the month.
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