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make resonable offers must sell in north alabama

items left are
for the 43 gallon and everything in it rock, sand , tank and stand and light coralife,aquaclear power filter, canister filter i will take
350.00 obo
45for mated maroon clowns
6 each for pepperment shrimp at least 5
25 voltian lion fish
25 for long nose hawkfish
2 for the blue devil damsel
100 for red sea purple tang medium

for the 210 gallon i will take 1500 for it all it has stand canapy with retrofit t5 lights 4 of them about 200lbs live rock, 200lbs live sand, i mega flow sump # 4 from aga, the supermega twin overflows on the back glasss which are huge, a refugium with carib sea miracle mud live sand in a 30 gallon

neon green candy canes

no reasonable offer refused.
email me at

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